About Us

 Executive Committee:

Phil CassouPresident – Retired/Railroad Museum Curator

Suzanne White – Vice-President – Retired/Art and Garden Center site manager

Brooke Halsey – co-Treasurer – Lawyer/Director, Salmon Research Center

Jim Allen – co-Treasurer – Belvedere Land Company (Long Range Planning/ Property Management)

Helen Lindqvist – Secretary – Retired/Old St. Hilary’s Site Manager

Board Members:

Peter Brooks – Tree surgeon, 3rd generation Tiburon native

Bob Harris – Retired

Gay Keil – Retired/Past President

Eva Buxton – Botanist

Site Managers:

Phil Cassou – RR & Ferry Depot Museum

Helen Lindqvist – Old St. Hilary’s

Jack Fiorito – China Cabin

Suzanne White – Art and Garden Center

Executive Director:

Patty Flax

Administrative Assistant:

Maren Jaffe

Rental Liason:

Paige Petrini


Jennifer Hartung