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Landmarks Archivist Dave Gotz and Archives Volunteer Susan Cluff have been contributing one-page articles to the free monthly magazine “Belvedere-Tiburon 94920” since it’s inception in August 2017. Our pieces are about various topics from Peninsula history with factual information and images drawn from the Landmarks History Collections. Below are images of a few recent articles and a list of all the articles we have produced – click on the link to read the article. Enjoy.

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April 2021                Eucalyptus Trees

March 2021              UN at Strawberry

February 2021           Paradise Cay

January 2021            Moving the Lyford House

December 2020         Tiburon’s “Goat Lady”

November 2020         Reedsport

October 2020            Ghost Story

September 2020        Engine No. 112

August 2020             Tiburon Fires

July 2020                 George McKegney

June 2020                Postmistress and her Parrot

May 2020                 Five who Made a Difference (feature article)

May 2020                 Quarantine on Angel Island

Apr 2020                  Looking for Tiburon’s Arks

Mar 2020                  Belvedere-Tiburon Library

Feb 2020                  Oyster Farming in the Bay

Jan 2020                   Al Capone’s Ghost Train in Tiburon

Dec 2019                  Tiburon’s Railway Palm

Nov 2019                  Belvedere Nursery School

Oct 2019                   Hilarita Housing

Sept 2019                 Boardwalk Shopping Center

Aug 2019                  West Shore Artists

July 2019                  Belvedere’s Codfish Plant on West Shore

June 2019                 Explosives in Tiburon

May 2019                  Tiburon and the Navy in WW II

Apr 2019                   Arktown and Opening Day

Mar 2019                   Baseball on the Tiburon Peninsula

Feb 2019                   How Blackie’s Pasture Became a Park

Jan 2019                   The Richardson Bay Lineal Park

Dec 2018                   Belveron: Great for Families

Nov 2018                   Belvedere Lagoon:  Backyards for Boats

Oct 2018                   Corinthian Island: A Picture Perfect View

Sep 2018                   John Musso – Tiburon’s Baker

Aug 2018                   The History of Lyford’s Stone Tower

Jul 2018                     Night in Venice: A Peninsula Tradition Part 1

Jul 2018                     Night in Venice: A Peninsula Tradition Part 2

Jun 2018                    Hotel Belvedere

May 2018                   Belvedere Golf &Country Club

Apr 2018                    Development of Downtown Tiburon 1884-1986

Mar 2018                    Hilarita Dairy to Reed School

Feb 2018                    Little Reed Ranch to Del Mar School

Jan 2018                    Big Reed Ranch to Bel Aire School

Dec 2017                   The Belvedere-Tiburon Drawbridge

Nov 2017                   Tiburon Dairies Become Tiburon Schools

Oct 2017                    Then & Now:  Beach Road & Main Street

Sept 2017                   Music at Old St. Hilary’s

Aug 2017                    RR & Ferry Depot Museum