Esther Meyer Etchings For Sale

Esther Meyer 1926 - Mill Valley ps

Esther Meyer 1926 – Mill Valley

Esther Meyer 1990 (Dianne Smith photo)

Esther Meyer 1990 (Diane Smith photo)

Esther Meyer was a prolific artist who created watercolors, oils, etchings and dry brush compositions in the decades between 1920 and 1950 when she lived in San Francisco and Mill Valley. She retired to Hill Haven in Tiburon in 1955 and then to Belvedere in 1975, passing away at age 103 in 2000.

Esther was selected as the Honorary Member of Landmarks in 1989 and in that year she donated the body of her work to the Landmarks Archives. This generous donation included sketch books, copper plates and art books as well as numerous works of art. These treasured works are a central part of our Artist as Historian collection: recording the fabric of life in places which are familiar but have changed drastically since they were depicted.

We are offering original copies of her etchings from the 1930s-40s. These ink prints from copper plates are on parchment paper and were printed, titled and signed by Esther. The gallery below is a selection of most of the images that we have available, they are priced at $300-350. (Click on the images for a larger view.) Sales will directly benefit the preservation and expansion of our Fine Art Collection. Twelve framed etchings are on display at the Landmarks Archives in the Boardwalk Shopping Center. Please contact the Archivist, Dave Gotz for further information: or 415-435-5490.