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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Belvedere Tiburon Landmarks Society. You couldn’t have picked a better time and opportunity to invest in the preservation of Tiburon Peninsula’s rich and colorful history. We are expanding and welcome your involvement!


Landmarks is a non-profit organization that relies on fundraising and membership dues to stay self-supporting. Membership is open to anyone interested in local history and our natural resources and who wishes to share in the responsibility of protecting the heritage of our communities.

You are invited to join. Please complete and send in our Membership Form to become a member, or call the office at 415-435-1853. Dues and donations are tax deductible under federal and state tax provisions.

Sign up for Escrip

Probably one of the easiest way to support Landmarks is to register with Escrip and designate Landmarks as your choice.  Escrip provides a percentage back to Landmarks for your purchases at over 20,000 retail locations (including Safeway, Macy’s, Office Max, Shutterfly to name just a few)  It is a very easy process to complete and free to join.  Please click on the banner below and sign up soon.


For the Prefilled in Woodlands Market form Click WOODLANDS

Shop at the Thrift Shop

Another easy way to support Landmarks is to shop at the local Tiburon Thrift Shop which is located on Lower Ark Row. Landmarks help staff the Thrift Shop and in return we share in the profits that it makes throughout the year. Please consider donating your gently used items to the Thrift Shop and see what bargains you can find there when you drop by!


Planned Giving

What is the secret to making a gift that will provide the greatest meaning to you and Landmarks? Part of the answer lies in careful planning and good organization. The best plans are created by first deciding what your goals are and second, determining how to accomplish your goals.

Gift plans create opportunities for both Landmarks and our donors. Determining what gift is right for you is just as important as making the gift. There are many options from which you can choose. The correct plan for you balances what you wish to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your charitable interests in your overall estate and financial plans.

Learn about giving strategies that allow you to make a meaningful charitable gift while possibly enhancing your, and your family’s, future financial well being.


Please consider as well becoming a Landmarks’ Volunteer. We are always looking for interested individuals who would like to help us in the History Collections, working a shift at the Thrift Shop or in our office. If you are a student who is looking for community service work in Marin please consider coming to help down at the Landmarks. Please use our contact form to email us your interest.


Help support Landmarks by sponsoring either an event or an activity at Landmarks. Landmarks also has site specific sponsorship opportunities in case you want to personalize your sponsorship to an individual.

Donate Now

The historical sites and the History Collections are significant assets to the community, but the costs of preservation are not insignificant. Please consider a donation today and help preserve our local heritage for future generations. Feel free to sponsor a property or general fund by clicking the DONATE NOW button to the left or click Donate Now | Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society

General Fund
The general fund is used to pay for the office management and support, insurance to run the organization.

Old St. Hilary’s
You can help fund maintenance and upgrades at Old St. Hilary’s.  Landmarks is interested in building two new benches near the bell tower as well as below the parking area to take advantage of the view. Each year Landmarks does interior and exterior repair work on this iconic building. The parking lot is constantly needing to be patched as well.  Surrounded by a rare wildflower preserve, Old St. Hilary’s overlooks downtown Tiburon and the San Francisco Bay,  is constantly protecting this pristine space.

China Cabin
You can help fund the ongoing maintenance and final restoration of the Social Saloon of the S.S. China, was built in 1866. This property is constantly battered by the winter storms and each year needs significant work to fix the exterior wood panels, metal railings around the building, and outside varnishing of decks and benches. The interior gold leaf and walnut woodwork are carefully treated annually as well.

Tiburon Railroad-Ferry Depot Museum
Landmarks is trying to complete the museum in time for the 50th anniversary of the Landmarks Society. We still have 4 display exhibits to be completed, numerous models and structures to be built, as well as sponsoring upstairs museum rooms.

Art & Garden Center
Circa 1870, the cottage is the oldest structure on the Tiburon Peninsula. The delightful gardens and paths are maintained by master gardeners, based on the original design. Every year the garden is augmented with mulch and new plants to fill in holes as needed.

History Collections
The Archives are located in a controlled environment at the Boardwalk Shopping Center. The collection contains photographs, art, maps, documents, books, journals, oral histories and artifacts focusing on the history of the Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio, an 1838 Mexican land grant to John T. Reed and Ylaria Sanchez. We are constantly seeking new treasures in and out of the community.  The cataloging and caring for these items is a constant challenge