St. Hilary's

Old St. Hilary’s

Old St Hilary’s is situated on a hillside overlooking Belvedere and the San Francisco skyline. This simple redwood structure, built in 1888, is surrounded by a rare wildflower preserve. It is one of the few carpenter Gothic churches to survive in its original setting. The simple white painted exterior encloses interior walls of redwood and Douglas fir, and historic oak pews. The interior is lit by replicas of the original oil-burning chandeliers, and the Gothic windows of amber glass cast a warm and inviting glow. Take your wedding vows in an uncluttered space that embraces you with a sense of peace and tranquility. A Premiere Marin wedding site with water views.

China Cabin

All that glitters is 22K gold in the China Cabin. Designated in 1978 as a national maritime treasure, the China Cabin was restored to its former splendor as a Victorian drawing room. Visitors are enchanted with the ornate and regal decor of the interior. The walls and arched ceiling have been painted a crisp white and highlighted with gold leaf. Along the sides of the Cabin are a series of small, beautifully etched glass windows; elegant crystal chandeliers illuminate the room. The Cabin also has a deck with wonderful views of the San Francisco skyline, Corinthian Island and the nearby yacht harbor. The China Cabin offers a rich and sophisticated setting for your rehearsal dinner, Marin wedding or reception.

Art & Garden Center

Art & Garden Center

The Landmarks Art and Garden Center, a lovingly renovated historic cottage and garden from Tiburon’s earliest years, offers a unique setting for outdoor garden weddings and special events. The square-acre site, with dramatic views of Richardson Bay, is a garden composed of large flat lawn and four terraces joined by curving brick walkways. Throughout the garden are benches, each offering a special view of the bay and surrounding hills The landscape features heritage trees, a rose arbor, colorful floral beds and a pagoda birdhouse. Nestled in the garden is the restored farm house, built in the 1870s when Tiburon was a bustling railroad terminal. The gray shingle clad cottage features two sun-filled rooms, highlighted by an original wood burning stove. Just outside is an 1890 fire-school bell that is rung for celebrations. This is just another one of the unique touches that contribute to the site’s historic charm. A Marin Premiere Outdoor Wedding Site.

Please note that since we are a non profit organization to be able to rent our facilities you need to become a member for a nominal fee.

Download our brochure (PDF, 330K)

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