History Collections

The History Collections are located in a controlled environment at the Boardwalk Shopping Center. The collection contains photographs, art, maps, documents, books, journals, oral histories and artifacts focusing on the history of the Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio, an 1838 Mexican land grant to John T. Reed and Ylaria Sanchez. If you would like research done on your area, please contact Landmarks.

Landmarks History Articles

The Landmarks Society began contributing a monthly history article to The Ark Newspaper in July 2022. You will find those pieces on this webpage.

Former Landmarks Archivist Dave Gotz and Archives Volunteer Susan Cluff contributed one-page articles to the free monthly magazine “Belvedere-Tiburon 94920” since it’s inception in August 2017 until June 2022. Our pieces are about various topics from Peninsula history with factual information and images drawn from the Landmarks History Collections.

Local History Videos

Former Landmarks Archivist Dave Gotz has been making short films about local history for over ten years. You can watch many of them here.


Current and back issues of the Society’s newsletter the Landmark.

Oral Histories
The Landmarks Society has been collecting recorded oral histories for at least 40 years. Many were collected in our publication Both Sides of the Track by Shirley Mitchell (1985), which is available in hard and soft cover. Subsequently we continued to collect recordings, many of which have been transcribed, and many have yet to be.


From the 1500s to now, Tiburon’s timeline highlights the main events of the past 200 years!

Education Resources

Belvedere Tiburon Landmarks Society currently arranges tours of its properties for the benefit of the school children in the community. If you would like to arrange a tour, please contact the office at 415-435-1853 or fill in the contact form.